Q2 Importance of Variety

I tend to compartmentalize my learning. There is one path  I pursue that focuses on my career and another that focuses on my hobbies. Both have gotten a boast from resources on the internet that weren’t available when I was growing up. I believe that the biggest factor that helps people identify and make progress towards their goals is having a great deal of variety. People need to know what’s out there so they can identify what makes the most sense to them.

Children growing up today have a clear advantage if they have access to the internet and I’m not assuming everyone does. There are MOOCs that are open to people of all ages in which they can learn about almost anything. I think this diversity of choices is a great way to engage people’s imagination. Another great way to inspire creativity is to find people with similar interests. This can be as simple as looking through Linkedin to find people with similar professional interests and career paths. You can learn through the decisions and mistakes of other people and that can ultimately shape your own profession.

I am also very passionate about pursuing my hobbies. About a year ago, I became interested in learning double dutch. My desire to learn was sparked by a music video that my friend sent me. I watched it over and over many times.

Here is the video

After watching this video and thinking about double dutch constantly I decided to take action. It’s a little strange trying to pursue a children’s hobby as an adult so I wasn’t sure I would find any support. However, a simple google search brought me to meetup.com and sure enough I found a group called “Double Dutch Lovers”. They met on Friday nights in Harlem and Saturdays in Prospect Park. Everyone was extremely nice and around my age, if not older. It was beyond awesome to find a community of people who shared my interests. I’m still not very good at double dutch, but I found people who helped me work towards my personal learning goals. Also, double dutch is a great activity because it requires at least 3 people and you can’t do it online.

How might we better utilize the time of captive audiences?



People can learn when they have nothing better to do. There is a huge amount of time that is wasted in all of these locations just waiting. Individuals would probably welcome an opportunity to do something fun and engaging.

  • Hospitals
  • DMV
  • Airport
  • Jury Duty


These objects are all something that will distract the individual from how much time they have to kill.

  • Phones
  • Televisions
  • Computers


These activities provide individuals with the ability to discover and move around in a new space. Learning can be spontaneous and unexpected since this isn’t a place where they might necessarily want to be.

  • Engaging with an interactive installation
  • Moving around furniture to create a more comfortable environment
  • Walking around a new space


These interactions all help individuals make connections with other people and can potentially reinforce learning.

  • Discussing something new that they see with people around them
  • Connecting to remote individuals via phone or internet
  • Working out fun and challenging problems


Anybody can be a part of a captive audience. People will initially stumble upon learning opportunities by accident. Eventually, groups will seek out these experiences and look forward to making their previously wasted time more meaningful.

  • Travelers
  • Media enthusiasts
  • People who showed up out of necessity