Weeks Oct/23 – Oct/30

Esteemed co-learners:

Blog post (please post by Oct/22) – Thank you for the wonderful slides and updates on your projects. And thank you Jason Haas for the Journey earworm that plagued me all afternoon. Please create a blog post with your slide and mini summary of your project. Assign it to the “Project” category

Readings – Justin sent us a list of blog posts that cover the ideas he presented during the seminar. We’ve added them into the Syllabus. We also added a link to JSB’s book “A New Culture of Learning” that was mentioned by Howard.
The plan for next week – Next week is member week at the Media Lab. No seminar! Please schedule project team meetings as well as meeting with your coaches and keep making progress. Progress towards what you ask? Read on:
Oct/30 IDEO session – It’s still a couple of weeks away, but please start planning your presentations for the Oct/30 session. Each team will have 5 min to present and get 5-7 min of feedback from IDEO, the instructors, and the class. The session is intended to help you -> use the presentation to get the feedback that you need to move forward. 
1 min – Introduce the context
  • What were your observations? What challenge did you decide to tackle. What was your “How might we … ” statement?

4 min – Tell us about your project

  • Use storyboards/ sketches, tell user stories, focus on the narrative (not the implementation details)
  • What will your project do and how?
  • Is there a particular issue you are struggling with and would like feedback on?