Week 3 – Assignment

Dan Sawada

Q1 – How sill learning change in an age when we are always connected?

In my opinion, I think that the learning experience would evolve into a form where we would have to figure out “where and how to find the best solution to problems”, rather than figuring out “how to solve the problem itself”.

Before the era of the Internet, the learning experience was more dedicated toward acquiring the skills to solve real-world problems. However, the Internet has truly brought the grand knowledge base, which contains the solution to most of the problems, within the reach of our hands. Using our smart devices, they are easy to access than ever before regardless of time or place. Even though the Internet is overwhelmed with information, Google and other tools of its kind provide us the compass to navigate ourselves in to the great sea of information to reach the destination (or solution).

However, despite the fact that the Internet can provide us with suitable solutions (occasionally from experts), the dependent on the user themselves if they can search for, select and take in account the best possible entries. I personally feel that Google and its kind is still just a map, rather than autonomous vehicle in that sense. Therefore, I think people will still need to learn how to “look for and approach high-quality solutions” in the most efficient way. No matter how sophisticated the Internet and our devices become, users would never be able to make the best out of it without this special skill.