Week 2 – Assignment

Dan Sawada

Phase 1 – Discovery

  1. Environments
    • In a car
    • In a airplane
    • In a library
  2. Activities
    • While driving
    • While flying
    • While riding a bus
  3. Interactions
    • Read
    • Listen
    • Fabricate
  4. Objects
    • Book
    • Lego blocks
    • Web sites
  5. Users
    • School girls
    • College students
    • Business person

Phase 2 – Interpretation

Normally, business persons and students have to commute from home to their work or school, either on a bus or car, or some kind of transportation device. During transit is a perfect occasion for people to get engaged in learning. For instance, students might check in on a list of vocabulary to prepare for their upcoming tests. Business persons might go to their iPad to read the latest stock market updates. Using technology to make the most out of the time in transit would be crucial, given the busy environment of our everyday lives.