Week 4 – Assignment

Share a 90 sec video about yourself [Deadline Sun 29/Sep] 

1. Make a video (30+60=90sec max!)

~ 30 sec (about yourself – what do you want your team members to know about you?)
~ 60 sec (about your ideas/ interests for learning platforms – feel free to use the IDEO framework of environments, activities, objects, users, interactions to structure your thoughts)

2. Upload the video to youtube and send the link to Srishti (shrisakatux@gmail.com) by Sun 29/Sep.

A few related thoughts:

  • Don’t worry about details. Focus on the big ideas and themes that you are passionate about (you’ll have plenty of time to work on the details with your team members)
  • Feel free to refer to project ideas we mentioned in our presentations. All presentation files are linked to from the course syllabus (Mitch and Ethan coming today) and project ideas are usually on the last slide.
  • Recording on a smartphone is totally fine. A few simple tips: Try to be in a quiet room, with plenty of light, set the phone up sideways, and stay relatively close to the microphone. 
  • Don’t stress about getting this perfect. Have fun (feel free to hack the format)!

Find shared interests / Get to know your colleagues [Deadline Tue 1/Oct] 

On Monday morning we’ll send you an email with a link to the video gallery.

Please watch ALL of the videos of your colleagues. This will take roughly an hour. As you are watching, look for other students whose interests you share (or  complement).

More information about all of the students (incl. you) can also be found on the students page – If you picture is missing (so sad!) please email a link to Srishti.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!