Week 3 – Homework

Deadline: Tuesday 9/24

This week’s homework has three components.

Read & Reflect (aka write a blog post) Pick one of the following question sets and write a short blog post answer. Make sure to assign your post to the “Week 3” category. We added some background readings, and posted the slides from last week, in the syllabus to help with your reflections. If you don’t have a blog account yet, send an email to Srishti – srishakatux@gmail.com – ASAP.

Q1- How will/should learning change in an age when we are always connected? An age when we can get connect to any knowledge/expert in an instant? What should people still learn and what things can they delegate to their devices or the “hive” for? How do we make people smarter rather than dumber?

Q2- How can we inspire curiosity and passion for learning in more people, and help learners make progress towards their personal goals?  How might we use the web (or other tools) to do this? Start by asking yourself, how you developed the passion for the things you are interested in today (what are they?) and then generalize from there. 

Q3- What does an ideal teacher do? How could just-in-time technology be used to do some of the same? How can we motivate more people to act as teachers for each other? 

“How Might We…” Tweet? Considering your observations and interpretation from last week’s homework, formulate (at least) one “How might we …” tweet. Using the petrol station attendants example: “How might we facilitate on-the-job language mentoring between immigrant workers?” -> Use both #medialabx and #hmw hashtags so we can find your tweets. (If you don’t use twitter, this might be a good time to start – or add your 140 character answer into this week’s blog post).

Share a Resource. Have a look at the projects on the resources page. Try out at least two projects. Add a suggestion for additional projects in the comments of that page. Tell us and your colleagues “why” you think a project is interesting (or not interesting) and should be added. You are each others’ most valuable resource – be generous with your wisdom and expertise.

Office Hours Just a reminder for office hours on Tuesdays from 3-4pm in E14-445 (LEGO Lab).  No need to schedule an appointment, just drop-in or join the http://unhangout.media.mit.edu/h/medialabx